About Buddha Zhen

Buddha Zhen started Kung Fu in 1980 and graduated Tai Mantis Federation in 1984.  When the Tai Mantis school closed some of the senior students visited “Richard O’Connor’s” condo in North Hollywood.

Sifu O’Connor staffed his Shaolin Records condo home office with interns from Music Connection magazine.  After posting an ad stating “Free Kung Fu Lessons” there were many applications for this independent label founded in 1984 along with the music publishing company, Shaolin Music.

In 1992 Sifu Richard O’Connor moved to Salt Lake City where he founded Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan.  He became known as Master Zhen, then Zhen Shifu by the Mandarin speaking Chinese in Utah.  His Chinese name was given to him by Master Chen in 1995, Zhen Shen-Lang (Spirit Wolf of Truth).  “We have no coyotes in China,” explained Master Chen.

Richard was also known as The Coyote of American Zen.  His last name Zhen translates to Truth.  “Truth” is another word for “Buddhism” in China.  Master Chen knew that I taught Buddhism in my Shaolin classes.  “Spirit Wolf,” he nodded.  “Good Kung Fu name.”

In 1996 Master Zhen founded the Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization.  He was creating programs for his daughter who had been attending Kung Fu classes since she could stand up.

In 2008 Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang launched Buddha Kung Fu.  This includes the “12-Step 12-Week Kung Fu Bootcamp.”

In 2015 Buddha Zhen founded Shaolin Chinese Yoga.  This yoga program was already at the core of the Tai Chi and Kung Fu programs.  Much of the benefits from these programs was due to the Chinese Yoga of Buddha Zhen.

$75 per hour for private lessons.
$200 for 4-private lessons paid in advance.
The TAI CHI BEGINNER book is a notebook costing $25 at the second class if the first class is only a trial class. This book is necessary with weekly lesson information to be read in each class.
The black traditional Kung Fu Uniform costs $60 and will brought to second class by Buddha Zhen if purchased at end of first class.

Shaolin Chi Mantis classes are taught in 4-month semesters with a graduation and belt-rank advancement possible each semester.
Semester 1: Learn Tai Chi Form movements
Semester 2: Learn BREATHING in Tai Chi Form movements.
Semester 3: Learn self-defense in Tai Chi Form movements.
After that can be Intermediate Tai Chi and weapons…

1980-81 Grandmaster Douglas Wong White Lotus Gungfu
1981-84 Tai Mantis Federation of Grandmaster Kam Yuen.
1992 Founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu
1996 Founder of Tai Chi Youth nonprofit education organization
2008 Founder of Buddha Kung Fu schools.
2009 Founder of 12-Week Kung Fu Bootcamp
2015 Founder of Shaolin Chinese Yoga

How did I get started?
In 1980 I was engaged to be married and wanted a ‘spiritual’ self-defense to protect my family. I never stopped training and learning when I discovered Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

Types of customers I’ve worked with:
Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth programs have been taught in
maximum security prison
drug rehabilitation centers
elementary schools
middle schools
high schools
continuing education programs
Salt Lake City Parks & Recreation
Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation
YMCA LaCanada
YMCA Verdugo
YWCA Salt Lake City
Church of Inner Christ and several other churches
I have trained people recovering from injuries, and chemotherapy.
I have trained several blind persons.

I am working with the Small Business Administration to obtain my first storefront Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Yoga school. I plan to build this school in North Hollywood.

ADVICE to those seeking Kung Fu:
Shaolin Kung Fu is a way of life that started with Buddhist monks of the Shaolin Temple 1,400 years ago. It is a lifestyle NOT a sport. Kung Fu is about how to live a peaceful healthy happy life. Karate is about how to get punched while standing in a cage. They have nothing in common.

Do you want to be punched and kicked? Join a mixed-up martial arts school or Karate.

Do you want to hurt other people and break bones? Join a mixed-up martial arts school or Karate.

Do you want to help people other people be happy and healthy? Join a Shaolin Kung Fu school.