Shaolin Kung Fu WITHOUT Buddhism = Shaolin Buddhism?

I met another Shaolin Monk teaching Shaolin Kung Fu in America. I watched their school performance at an annual Chinese event. I anxiously talked to a couple of the senior students about their curriculum and told them about my curriculum for each school having, “…plenty of the Buddha, the Dharma, and — and… our Sanghas […]

Private Lessons with Booking Calendar on Internet

Somehow I’m going to create a WooCommerce calendar booking system. I know.  I can pay $50 to $150 bucks a month and just start using it… I don’t really want to complain about the monthly expense.  I’d probably pay it if I had it and my cash flow was higher… But that’s why I’m becoming […]

New Buddha Zhen Website by Shaolin Digital

Shaolin Digital is web designing into a WordPress website with a WooCommerce shopping cart. So you can order PRIVATE LESSONS from this website.  I just downloaded a plugin for creating online booking systems. We can sell uniforms and stuff from this website also.